Hammond Elementary names volunteers on PTA !committees


September 27, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

HAMMOND ELEMENTARY is pleased to announce its roster of volunteers serving on the PTA committees. Donna Merson, Dottie Balaban, Gail Brown, Dee Levi, Nancy Trudel, Darla Trigger, Pat Baker, Frank Tesoriero, and Janet Moore are officers of the organization.

Eydie Hammers, Barb Costa, Kathy Mattos, Bonnie Miller and Joyce Pope raise the money that lets the PTA operate.

They sell books, run the gift wrap sales and hold a garage sale.

Others are involved in collecting soup labels and grocery store receipts. As any coupon clipper can tell you, the effort is worth it, but this really is tedious work. So give a thought to Janet Bradley, Carole Miller, Karen Miller and Timmi Poore's sore wrists and tired eyes.

They do it all for the kids.

Of course, with an executive committee and all these resources, what's a PTA to do?

Dispense the goodies, of course.

Marian Boring and Dee Levi run the Cultural Arts Committee. Lisa Warwick and Marian Boring run the Educational Enhancement Committee. Jan Connors and Michele Babendrier take care of the fifth-grade Hall of Fame. Eilene Brocenos and Gretchen Vaseleck run the Hands On Science program. Terri Silverman runs the Health and Safety Committee.

Mary Ann Thomas runs the Holiday Shop. Nancy Trudel runs the Market Day program. Brent Korba makes sure we all know about the many talents among the school population by running the talent show. Darla Trigger and Dottie Balaban troll for new PTA members. Dana Simpler runs the parent education program. Nancy Casey and Susuan Tesoriero run the Safe to School program.

Kelly Beall and Sue Sneeringer are in charge of school beautification. Kelly Ann Korba runs the Sock Hop.

The Electric Slide and the Macarena are sure to be featured.

Pat Stewart runs the spelling bee. Connie Jones has a breather until later in the year. She needs it -- she'll run the spring carnival.

Dottie Balaban and Pam Leffler are in change of the school directory. Jay Schlueter was in charge of the summer books program. All of these people spend their time improving the lives of the students.

But no school can work well without the dedicated and often unnoticed efforts of a competent staff.

TC That's why the PTA always makes sure that the staff knows its extra effort is noticed and appreciated.

On the staff appreciation committee are Kerry Greer, Audrey Estrain, Veronica Daniels, Bonnie Miller, Nicole Durnais and Donna Merson.

Junior Chamber meeting

The Patuxent Area Junior Chamber of Commerce holds its next general meeting at 7: 30 p.m. Oct. 15 at the other Barn in Oakland Mills.

This community and social club is always looking for new members interested in helping Howard County become a more pleasant place for everyone.

Student writers showcased

Students from Patuxent Valley Middle School are holding a Literary Showcase at the Elkridge Branch library at 7 p.m. Monday. There will be a reception in the authors' honor after the readings.

Pub Date: 9/27/96

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