Glen Burnie dumps Perry Hall No. 8 Gophers grind it out despite Gators' Pancake running serve streak to 58

September 25, 1996|By Bill Free | Bill Free,SUN STAFF

Roll and dump.

Dink and dump.

This was strictly finesse volleyball between eighth-ranked Glen Burnie and 11th-ranked Perry Hall, two teams more known for power games in the past.

But neither side had any really experienced setters to get the ball to their big hitters -- Amy Hutson for Glen Burnie and Stephanie Sanzone for Perry Hall -- and resorted to a grind-it-out kind of match that host Glen Burnie won, 15-6, 5-15, 15-10, 15-5, yesterday evening.

"I'm not crazy about the win," said Glen Burnie coach Juanita Milani. "They [Perry Hall] dumped on us most of the match, and we play better against a team that hits."

The Gophers didn't come close to matching the caliber of play last night that characterized their exciting five-game victory over No. 9-ranked Broadneck last Friday.

Excellent team serving and some well-placed rolls and dumps by Amy Hutson were the highlights for Glen Burnie (4-1) while Perry Hall (2-4) made a lot of unforced errors, enabling the Gophers to win on an off day.

About the only bright spot for Perry Hall was the continued perfect serving this season by Beth Pancake, who was 12 of 12 to give her a mark of 58 of 58.

"This is the year we'll have to take our lumps," said Perry Hall coach Pam Wilt. "I know the girls might not want to hear that, but it appears to be true, right now."

Wilt said she expected Glen Burnie to come with more power from Hutson "after what I've read about her."

Hutson had been used as a setter in the first game of the Broadneck match last Friday, but Milani turned her loose as a hitter in the final four games, and she racked up 17 kills and 25 assists to turn that match in favor of the Gophers.

Milani said she planned to use Hutson as a hitter last night but was unable to do it because of a chronic knee injury to setter Amanda Pierce.

"On certain days, the knee acts up for Amanda, and she can't move laterally to run the ball down," said Milani. "This was one of those days. It [the injury] doesn't affect any other part of her game -- just running after the ball. I guess she must have ligament damage in the knee. She's been wearing a brace to protect it."

So it was back to using the girl [Hutson] Milani calls the best hitter in the state as a setter.

"If I could, I'd use Amy as a hitter, setter, passer and blocker," said Milani, who also watched Hutson win seven straight points on her serve to virtually wrap up the match in the fourth game.

"Amy's unbelievable on her serve," said Milani. "She has great placement, picks her spots and always seems to know where the weak spots are. She knows who's been having trouble passing the ball."

Hutson was 15 of 16 serving with two aces against the Gators, had 23 assists and scored eight points off rolls and dumps.

Pierce, Laura Fleming, Becky Anthony, Nicole DeLorenzo and Sarah Meredith all served well for Glen Burnie last night.

Meredith, who becomes the team's big hitter when Hutson is setting, said: "We need Amy's hitting a lot, but at least we know we have her as a setter in emergencies. I think we can beat anybody in the county if we play up to our capabilities. We didn't do that tonight."

Pub Date: 9/25/96

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