Paul Erdos,83, one of the century's most eminent...


September 25, 1996

Paul Erdos,83, one of the century's most eminent mathematicians, died of a heart attack Friday in Warsaw, Poland, where he was attending an international conference of mathematicians.

He founded the field of discrete mathematics, the foundation of computer science, and was known for his work in numbers theory, theory of sets and probability theory.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, he moved to Britain in 1934 and settled in the United States four years later.

A member of Britain's Royal Society and the national academies of Hungary, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and India, he traveled all over the world to discuss mathematical problems with other academics.

He was so devoted to mathematics that he reportedly had no home or personal possessions. He would stay with mathematicians wherever he went.

Fujio F. Fujiko,62, the co-creator of the "Doraemon" children's comic, died of liver failure Monday in Tokyo. Fujiko, whose real name was Hiroshi Fujimoto, was known for Doraemon, a magical robot cat comparable in popularity in Japan to Mickey Mouse.

Sabine Zlatin,89, who helped scores of Jewish children escape the Nazis during World War II, died Saturday in Paris. In 1943, she founded the Children's Home of Izieu, which helped about 100 Jewish children elude the Nazis.

Pub Date: 9/25/96

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