Ups and downsPlayoff chances -- EVEN -- Escape from New...

Busters Olney's O's week in review

September 22, 1996|By BUSTER OLNEY

Ups and downs

Playoff chances -- EVEN -- Escape from New York.

Brady Anderson -- UP -- Came up big in the Big Apple.

David Wells, Mike Mussina -- DOWN -- A double dip.

Eddie Murray -- UP -- Closing in on 75 RBIs for 20th straight season.

Todd Zeile -- UP -- A major upgrade at third base.

Randy Myers -- EVEN -- Speaks his mind about his role with the team. Tough time to be sorting through stuff like this.

Terry Mathews -- UP -- He's coming back for '97, right?

Bobby Bonilla -- DOWN -- New York is not kind to Bobby Bo.


"Ever heard a clubhouse this excited after losing two out of three?"

Orioles third baseman Todd Zeile, after the Orioles came back to beat the Yankees in the final game of their pivotal series in New York.

Stat of the week

Before the Orioles blew a late-inning lead against New York Wednesday night, they were 7-0 in games started by new/old catcher Mark Parent.

The week ahead

Tomorrow, vs. Milwaukee: . This will be no ordinary game for the Brewers, who are reportedly angry for two reasons: A) that the Orioles quickly postponed last Monday's makeup game, necessitating another trip to Baltimore, and B) No one told them they originally could have played tomorrow, a more convenient date. Look for the Brewers to be very, very motivated.

Tuesday-Wednesday, at Boston: The Orioles will, unfortunately, have to face Roger Clemens in one game and Tim Wakefield in the other. They are two of the American League's hottest pitchers. If the Red Sox are still in the race, this two-game set could be a brawl.

Thursday-Sunday, at Toronto: The Orioles should have gotten a good read on the Blue Jays this weekend at Camden Yards. The question is whether Toronto is going through the motions or really pushing to the finish.

The good

Yankees starter Andy Pettitte showed why he is the American League's version of Braves' stalwart Tom Glavine. He never gives in to hitters, beating them with presence as well as talent.

The bad

Mike Milchin has pitched very infrequently since joining the Orioles, and when they needed him Thursday, the left-hander looked as if he had gathered a lot of rust.

The ugly

If Brady Anderson had stayed in center field much longer during Tuesday night's deluge at Yankee Stadium, they might have been forced to summon the Coast Guard to rescue him.

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