Antex's new vaccine now in clinical trial

Maryland Watch

September 21, 1996

Gaithersburg-based Antex Biologics announced yesterday that it has begun an early stage clinical trial of an orally administered vaccine to protect against a bacteria that causes gastroenteritis and diarrhea in many Third World countries.

The publicly held biotechnology company, which went by the name MicroCarb until changing it this month, said 100 volunteers at military institutions in Maryland have been signed up for the trial.

The trial's goal is to determine the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine with an additive that the company believes will improve immune responses.

The company plans to compare the data from the trial against data from another already completed clinical trial of the vaccine. That trial involved testing the vaccine without the additive.

If ever approved by regulators, said Dr. V. M. Esposito, Antex's chairman and chief executive officer, the vaccine would be marketed initially to travelers as protection against Campylobacter. The bacteria causes millions of cases of gastro- enteritis and diarrhea annually, primarily in Third World countries such as China, where it is endemic.

Pub Date: 9/21/96

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