Inspectors visit 138 businesses, shut minimart temporarily

September 19, 1996

County health inspectors visited 138 restaurants and food handling establishments Aug. 16-31 to monitor sanitary and physical conditions.

One business was closed temporarily. Midtown Mini Mart, 100 block of Mayo Road, Edgewater, was cited Aug. 16 for unsatisfactory water supply. It reopened later that day.

Charlie's Place, first block of Elm Road, Brooklyn Park, was cited for not adequately cooking or reheating food.

Two restaurants were cited for not properly cooling food:

Adam's Ribs, 100 block of Mayo Road, Edgewater.

Hunan L'Rose, 1100 block of Annapolis Road, Odenton.

Ten food handling establishments were cited for failure to keep food at the proper temperature:

Host International, Pier C Upper Level Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Linthicum.

Host International, Pier D Concourse, BWI Airport, Linthicum.

Crain's Corner Grill, 1200 block of N. Crain Highway, Glen Burnie, reinspection required.

Imperial Restaurant, first block of Mountain Road, Glen Burnie.

Kwong's Chinese Restaurant, 7000 block of Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., Glen Burnie, reinspection required.

A Slice of Italy, 6700 block of Chesapeake Center, Glen Burnie.

Joss Cafe and Sushi Bar, 100 block of Main St., Annapolis.

New Rixi's Carryout, 200 block of West St., Annapolis, reinspection required.

Subway, 1400 block of Ritchie Highway, Arnold, reinspection required.

Pizza Boli's, 1400 block of Ritchie Highway, Arnold, reinspection required.

Pub Date: 9/19/96

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