Man is charged with assault on couple who gave him ride

September 18, 1996

An attack on an Annapolis couple who thought they were helping a stranded motorist was thwarted Friday when a county police officer happened on the scene in the parking lot of the Anne Arundel Medical Park on Jennifer Road.

Milton McLean Jr., 28, of the 1800 block of Montreal Drive in Severn was charged with assault.

James N. Diggs, 65, and his wife, Peggy, 64, both of the first block of Lincoln Parkway told police they picked the man up from the WaWa store at Bestgate Road and Admiral Drive just before 8 p.m. when he told them he needed a ride to his disabled car.

The man told them he had walked to the store because it had the pay phone closest to his car, which he said was on Jennifer Road near U.S. 50.

There was no car on Jennifer Road there. The man directed Diggs along Jennifer Road until they reached the parking lot, where the man reached into his pocket. Diggs, who had become suspicious, told the man he didn't have to pay for the ride.

The man got out of the car, then jumped back in. Peggy Diggs told her husband the man had a gun, and Diggs got out of the car, police said.

Diggs tried to squeeze the man between the rear door and the frame, but he escaped and attacked just as Officer David P. Feerrar drove onto the lot, police said. When the man saw the officer, he stopped, and Diggs motioned for the officer, who arrested the man.

Pub Date: 9/18/96

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