Carroll County road work

September 17, 1996

The Bureau of Roads Operations is working on these roads through Sept. 27.

Deep milling and patching:

Bennett Road, Route 32 to Oklahoma Road.

Gaither Road, Obrecht Road to the Howard County line.


Cable Drive, Ridge Road to Melstone Valley Way.

Morgan Road, Hoods Mill Road to the Howard County line.

Backwoods Road, Deep Run Road East to Bixlers Church Road.


Mayberry Road, Robert Arthur Road to Babylon Road.

Emory Road North, Emory Church Road to Wesley Road.

Leppo Road, Old Hanover Road to Barnhart Road.

Old Hanover Road, Route 97 to Deep Run Road.

Owings Court, Owings Road to the cul-de-sac.

Ellis Road, Route 808 to the end of county maintenance.

Hapes Mill Road, Middleburg Road to Stover Road.

Information: 848-6717

Pub Date: 9/17/96

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