James F. Kelley,94, who guided Seton Hall College's...

Deaths Elsewhere

September 16, 1996

James F. Kelley,94, who guided Seton Hall College's transformation from a small college to a renowned university, died Tuesday in New Jersey. Kelley, a priest, was president of the South Orange, N.J., college from 1936 to 1949.

Cesar Mendoza,78, the general who led the Carabineros, the police force that helped take over Chile during a bloody 1973 coup, died Friday in Santiago, Chile, of pancreatic cancer. Mendoza was forced to resign from the government in 1985 after being accused of sanctioning the assassination of three members of the then-outlawed Communist Party. Mendoza was an Olympic equestrian in 1952, winning a silver medal in the Helsinki Games that year.

Ralph Pfeiffer Jr.,69, retired chairman of IBM World Trade Corp., the subsidiary of International Business Machines Corp. that oversees operations outside the United States, died Friday in New York of lung cancer. He became chairman in 1974 and remained a director of the company after retiring in 1986.

Pub Date: 9/16/96

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