"The History of God," by Karen Armstrong. I'm thrilled...

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September 15, 1996|By Pete Nelson

"The History of God," by Karen Armstrong. I'm thrilled with it. I have a personal interest in the subject matter because I've lived and worked in the Mid-East. She takes a perspective that God is one supreme being, known by different names - it follows how civilizations, both west and east, look at God.

It's pretty easy to read with a little concentration. I recommend it for anybody who has a passing interest in the area. The author is quite impressive, a knowledgeable scholar.

I'm looking forward to reading her latest "Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths."

Pete Nelson, a free-lance writer and member of the Maryland Writers Association. The Kent Island resident is an organizer of this coming Saturday's writers conference in Bethesda.

Pub Date: 9/15/96

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