Barbie bashingA fashion icon like Barbie is bound to...


September 15, 1996|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,Sun Fashion Editor

Barbie bashing

A fashion icon like Barbie is bound to suffer some digs and pot shots. Urban Decay, the cosmetics company that produces lip and nail colors in lurid colors with names like Bruise and Mildew, ran an ad campaign with "Burn Barbie Burn" as a slogan.

Mattel Inc., the toy maker guardians of Barbie, sought a cease-and-desist order to halt disparagement and trademark infringement of their glamour doll.

Urban Decay will pull the ads, which ran in edgy mags like Rolling Stone, Spin, Paper and Detour. Hope the kiddies didn't see them.

"Clueless" the TV sitcom spinoff of the movie, has entered a promotional partnership with Wet Seal/Contempo Casuals to dress the lead mini-divas and other cast members in Contempo style. That's a lot of outfits.

The series, which starts Sept. 20 on ABC, spins around Beverly Hills shopping princess Cher Horowitz and her high school clique who live to shop, dish and try on clothes.

Contempo Casuals has picked up on California girl-speak with the slogan "As if you'd shop anywhere else." As if that isn't smart.

Costuming for the trendy teen cast will also have designer duds and thrift shop stuff in the mix. The show should be required homework for clueless parents who can't understand blue nails.

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