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Is it cold in the shadow of fame?


September 15, 1996|By Rob Hiaasen | Rob Hiaasen,SUN STAFF

Occupations: Mick does rock; Chris sings Cajun

Remembered For: Mick is the Rolling Stones; Chris has written for Rolling Stone

Together: Mick sang back-up on Chris' record, "Rock the Zydeco"

Separate: Two people heard it

Telling Words: "I guess you always compete for your mother's attention. ... Well, it wasn't much of a contest," Chris has said.

Jimmy and Billy Carter

Occupations: Politics; business

Remembered For: Camp David, Iran; lusting

Together: Under Jimmy's watch, Billy successfully ran the family peanut business; even had a beer named after him.

Separate: Billy appeared drunk at news conferences; made anti-Semitic remarks; received $220,000 for brokering a Libyan oil deal.

Telling Words: "How sad to be a Billy Carter, psychologically caught in a good brother-bad brother bind," wrote Joan Beck in the Chicago Tribune.

James and Livingston Taylor

Occupations: Musicians

Remembered For: A quarter century ago, older brother James made it big with "Fire and Rain." A quarter century ago, Liv made it medium with "Carolina Day" and later scored his own Top 40 hit, "I Will Be In Love With You."

Together: James was Liv's first guitar teacher. Both hair-lines in denial.

Separate: Liv sang this month at the CoffeeHouse at Mays Chapel; James sang last month at Merriweather Post Pavilion. James was once married to Carly; Liv is still married to Maggie.

Telling Words: "I've been given an amazing gift by my brother James," Liv told Acoustic Musician magazine. "I live in his shadow. As a result, I'm free to look out and grow."

Leon and Michael Spinks

Occupations: Professional boxers

Remembered For: Leon stunned boxing world by beating Ali in 1978 for title; Michael beat champ Larry Holmes in 1985.

Together: The Spinks brothers won gold medals in the 1976 Olympic Games.

Separate: Leon loses the Ali rematch, loses another 16 times; Michael's pro career going well until meeting Mike Tyson.

Telling Words: "Tyson leapt in with his own murderous punch which caught Spinks clean on the jaw. ... the great extravaganza was over in 91 seconds," says "A Pictorial History of Boxing."

Ira and George Gershwin

Occupations: Lyricist/composer

Remembered As: One of the greatest song-writing teams

Together: "Lady Be Good," "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Porgy and Bess"

Separate: George died of a brain tumor; Ira outlived him by 46 years.

Telling Words: "Ira felt guilty, as if he should have been taken in place of his worshiped brother. Some say that he never recovered, that the rest of his life was a slow suicide," according to the British newspaper, the Independent.

Ronnie and Clint Howard

Occupations: Actors

Remembered For: "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Happy Days"

Together: The Howard brothers (Clint and Ron -- not Mo and Curly) were the busiest child-actor duo in early television, appearing in such forgotten shows as "The Baileys of Balboa," "The Cowboys" and "The Smith Family."

Separate: Clint did a fine turn as a space boy in "Star Trek." Clint also starred in "Gentle Ben" in 1967. Ronnie directed the popular films "Splash" and "Apollo 13."

Telling words: Ron Howard is the artist previously known as Opie.

Don and Phil Everly

Occupations: Musicians

Remembered As: The Everly Brothers

Together: In the 1950s, they introduced white country harmony to rock and roll. Their love-struck songs included, "Bye Bye Love" and "Wake Up Little Susie." The act eventually became old, and their relationship took a mean turn. (They did reunite in the 1990s.)

Separate: Publicly invisible.

Telling Words: "Before their [1973] concert was over, Phil smashed his guitar on the floor and walked off stage. Don finished the last two songs. 'The Everly Brothers,' he said, 'died ten years ago," according to the "Illustrated History of Rock & Roll."

Julius and Herbert Marx

Occupations: Actors

Remembered As: Groucho and Zeppo, half of the Marx Brothers

Together: They teamed with brothers Chico and Harpo to make "Cocoanuts" and "Animal Crackers"

Separate: Groucho, master of the ad lib, made more movies and was the host of TV's popular "You Bet Your Life." Zeppo had long gone his separate way.

Telling Words: "Zeppo was never a part of his brothers' shenanigans and played bland romantic roles in the team's Broadway plays and first five films," says "The Film Encyclopedia."

Ronnie and Reggie Kray

Occupations: Gangland leaders, folk heroes

Remembered As: The Kray Brothers

Together: The twins terrorized London's East End in the 1960s. They ran gambling and protection rackets and preferred sabers over fists. Both jailed for murder. Movie made about them in 1990.

Apart: With Reg in attendance, Ronnie's funeral last year was marked by a recording of Sinatra crooning "My Way."

Telling Words: "In 1965 the twins' bond began to break when Reggie fell in love with and married a local girl, and Ronnie began openly engaging in homosexual liaisons," wrote People.

Theodore and David Kaczynski

Occupations: Prison inmate/social worker

Remembered For: Ted is the accused Unabomber; David turned his brother in.

Together: Both share a love for nature and all its creatures.

Separate: Unabomber's package bombings killed three people and injured 23.

Telling Words: "Hey, you got this screwy brother. Maybe he's the guy," David's wife had joked to her husband.

Research librarian Robert Schrott contributed mightily to this chart.

Pub Date: 9/15/96

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