Homey touch: Most people try to make their work space look...

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September 15, 1996

Homey touch: Most people try to make their work space look more homey and personal by decorating, using photos, plants and knickknacks, reports Steelcase Inc., the office furniture maker. And many workers want their workplace to sound like home, so they bring in radios and CD players, Steelcase found in a survey of more than 1,000 people. But the company also found some respondents, striving for individuality as well as ambience, used rather unique items as part of their office decor: a coin-operated horse, a parachute, a collection of running shoes and the front end of a car.

Money isn't everything: Older working widows tend to be paid less than other workers, but they find more satisfaction in their jobs than other older workers do, according to Ohio State University researchers. In a study, the researchers found these women enjoy the work itself, being with other people on the job and being able to help others. The study looked at 170 workers in Ohio over the age of 45, including 70 widows.

Pub Date: 9/15/96

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