Joanne Dru, 74, whose appearances in 40 movies included...


September 13, 1996

Joanne Dru, 74, whose appearances in 40 movies included starring roles opposite John Wayne in the classic Westerns "Red River" and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon," died of a respiratory ailment Tuesday.

Dru, who was discovered by director Howard Hawks while she was working as a model, made her screen debut in 1946 in "Abie's Irish Rose." She starred in 1950 in "Wagonmaster" with Ben Johnson, and other film credits include "All the King's Men," "711 Ocean Drive," "The Pride of St. Louis" and "Thunder Bay."

Ernesto Geisel, 88, a military leader and former president who moved Brazil toward a return to civilian rule in the 1970s, died yesterday in Rio de Janeiro. Trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Geisel took part in the 1964 military coup that toppled President Joao Goulart and installed the first of five military regimes that ran the country until 1985.

Robert A. Nisbet, 82, a conservative sociologist and mentor of the American right, died Monday of prostate cancer at his home in Washington. A sociology professor at Columbia University from 1974 to 1982, his dominant theme was warning of the tyranny of government and the need of individuals to counter the threat by relying on intermediary institutions like family, VTC neighborhood and community.

Arthur Leff, 88, who helped shape that nation's labor laws as an administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board, died Sunday of complications related to a stroke. He was 88.

Pub Date: 9/13/96

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