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September 12, 1996|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,SUN STAFF

Cancel whatever it is you've got planned for this evening and check out USA.

"Kratts' Creatures" (5 p.m.-5: 30 p.m., MPT, Channels 22 and 67) -- Chris and Martin try to blend in with the wild ponies of Assateague Island. PBS.

"Mad About You" (6: 30 p.m.-7 p.m., WBFF, Channel 45) -- A treat for early-evening TV fans: re-runs of one of the '90s best sitcoms. Today brings the conclusion of a two-part look back at Jamie and Paul's wedding.

"Columbo: Strange Bedfellows" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- Rod Steiger as the mobster. George Wendt as the murderer. And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. All join Peter Falk's rumpled raincoat in this 1995 film. (OK, so I got a little carried away. But putting the Beaver in a Columbo movie? You've got to admit, it could be great ) ABC.

"48 Hours" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., WUSA, Channel 9) -- CBS' one-topic newsmagazine celebrates a decade on the air with clips of its greatest moments. Plus, Dan Rather returns to "Crack Street," the subject of a memorable story from the show's early years. CBS. (Pre-empted by Orioles coverage on WJZ, Channel 13.)

"Seinfeld" (9 p.m.-9: 30 p.m., WBAL, Channel 11) -- Are you one of the millions outraged by the fate of George's intended in last season's finale? Then stay away from this repeat. NBC.

"3rd Rock From the Sun" (9: 30 p.m.-10 p.m., WBAL, Channel 11) -- A bewildered John Lithgow dresses in drag to infiltrate a women's study group. NBC.


"The Absent-Minded Professor" (7 p.m.-8: 30 p.m., Disney) -- Fred MacMurray invents flubber, a substance that defies gravity. If you thought Michael Jordan could jump, wait until you see guys playing basketball in shoes made of flubber.

"Happy Days" (8 p.m.-midnight, Nickelodeon) -- The Cunningham Family marathon continues. At 8 p.m., Richie's last-second shot wins the state championship basketball game; at 9: 30 p.m., Joanie joins a motorcycle gang; at 10 p.m., rocker Suzie Quatro guest stars as Leather Tuscadero.

"Obsessed" (8 p.m.-10 p.m.) and "Blindfold: Acts of Obsession" (10 p.m.-midnight, USA) -- Here's the evening you've been waiting for: a Shannen Doherty double feature. First, she's a somewhat out-of-kilter woman who becomes involved with a divorced William Shatner (Shannon and Captain Kirk -- think of the possibilities!). Then, she's a woman with a problem marriage, a psychiatrist who seems to have the hots for her (Judd Hirsch, awful as ever) and -- in case that wasn't enough -- some guy apparently stalking her. Did I mention she spends much of the movie's conclusion tied to a bedpost?

Pub Date: 9/12/96

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