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September 10, 1996

"To me, the most amazing thing about him is, if you want to describe him in one word, it's professionalism. He is a professional. He never takes a day off. He plays everyday. That's RTC what makes him the great player he is. He knows people pay to see him play, and he doesn't disappoint people. He's right there as the best to ever play for me, without question."

-- Tommy Lasorda

"When Eddie first came up, I took him under my wing and tried to help him out. To see the ballplayer he's become, and to feel like maybe I played a small part in that, is special."

-- Lee May

"Even without the 500 home runs, it's a pretty neat time for me. Seeing him in the clubhouse. Seeing him on the plane. Playing with him and seeing the competitiveness still in him. It seems like old times. . . . And sometimes it seems like it's a shame that there's a big period of time when he wasn't an Oriole."

-- Cal Ripken

"He's up there in a group of the greats that played this game. . . . The numbers bear it out. There's no denying that."

-- Frank Robinson

"I'd say he's a lock for the Hall of Fame the first time."

-- Bobby Bonilla

"I know it's important for him to do this in an Orioles uniform, because last winter he said that. . . . He wanted to finish his career here if possible."

-- Elrod Hendricks

"Throughout his career, he never really gained the public acclaim a player of his stature should attain. I think that's kind of the way he likes it, but he should have it. He's in some pretty nice company."

-- Fred Lynn

"He's one of the best hitters ever. He's certainly the best player I ever played with. He's a special player. If people hadn't recognized he's one of the best ever years ago, they certainly do now. . . . I've never seen a better hitter in the clutch."

-- Ken Singleton

"I'd enjoy it with Eddie regardless of who he was playing for, but being with the Orioles and helping them win ballgames is terrific."

-- Earl Weaver

"Someone in my family is going to have a mark that few others do. Who knows who will be the next to do it, but he'll always be one of the first. . . . I just always knew he would be able to be in the Hall of Fame with the big guys, the good guys. That's where he belongs."

-- Charles Murray

Pub Date: 9/10/96

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