Brother Adam,98, a Benedictine monk and one of the world's...

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September 05, 1996

Brother Adam,98, a Benedictine monk and one of the world's leading bee breeders, died Sunday in London. Born Karl Kehrle, Brother Adam created the Buckfast Superbee, regarded by many as the healthiest and most prolific honey producer, and three of his books are regarded as classics on the subject: "Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey," "In Search of the Best Strains of Bees" and "Breeding the Honeybee."

In the 1990s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture imported queens that Brother Adam bred to be resistant to acarine disease, which had damaged honey production in America. His breed earned more than $31,000 a year for his abbey and revolutionized honey production.

He took over the abbey's apiaries in 1919 on becoming a full monk and ended his research in 1992 because the monastery's new abbot insisted the abbey apiaries were for honey production alone.

Richard Eugene Cross,85, chairman and chief executive of American Motors from 1963 to 1966, died of a heart attack Saturday in Rochester Hills, Mich. Mr. Cross, an original appointee to the Michigan State Civil Rights Commission, marched in Detroit with Martin Luther King Jr. after the 1967 riots. He led the United Negro College fund of Michigan for 20 years.

George B. Roberts,102, a retired vice president of Citibank and longtime editor of its newsletter, died Saturday in New York. Roberts retired from Citibank in 1959 as director of its economics department. He co-edited the bank's Monthly Economic Letter for more than three decades.

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