Bodysuit answers call for blocks of fashion

September 05, 1996|By Elsa Klensch

I'm in line to be the next manager of the California region of a major cosmetics company. That is, if the other two managers who are also vying for the position don't get in my way.

I travel constantly, and I work out in every hotel gym, so I'm in great shape. I need a knockout dress for my next round of travel.

We were told that the executives making the promotion "have their eye on us." Please help me find a sensational, but not too expensive, look.

The chic dress of the season is in dark jersey, with graphic blocks of contrasting color on the bodice or sleeves. It makes a modern, sexy statement, but the intricate cutting also makes it expensive.

New York designer Nicole Miller suggests a way to have the best of both worlds:

"Why not buy a bodysuit that has a similar design and pair it with a skirt. That will give you a two-piece dress with the same sophisticated look.

"The multicolored jersey top is one of the hottest looks this season, and with a bodysuit you can interpret it many ways."

Go for it. Since you are in great shape from working out, you'll look sensational.

All my life I've been a shoe freak. I have small, pretty feet, and I've indulged myself with shoes the way some women do with jewelry.

What's more, the fact that I hardly ever threw out a pair drove my husband crazy. Now that we are divorced I've decided to clean out my closets as well as clean up my act.

My problem is where do I start? How do I decide which shoes I should keep and which I should discard?

Keep the simplest shoes. They will be the most versatile. Classic pumps in neutral colors will always be useful. So will sandals for summer and sturdy walking shoes for fall.

Decide on one heel height that works well with both skirts and pants and stick with it. For evening you can be more daring -- keep high-heel pumps in both shiny and matte finishes.

For what's in fashion right now, get the style guide from the DSW Shoe Warehouse Stores. You can pick one up at a store or write to DSW Style Guide, 1675 Watching Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207-1979. Best of all, the style guide is free.

Los Angeles Times Syndicate

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Pub Date: 9/05/96

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