Opponent's playbook Raiders' lead draw


September 01, 1996|By Mike Preston

The play: Raiders' lead draw from a basic pro set.

The formation: It's strong right, or pro right, which means the tight end is aligned to that side. One receiver is flanked to the right, the other is split left. The running backs are split, the back lining up 5-7 yards behind the right tackle and on his inside shoulder. The halfback takes the same distance behind the left tackle, but may cheat to a more heads-up position on the left tackle to get a better read.

The action: The receivers release on pass routes. All five offensive linemen and the tight end start to pass block for about one to two seconds, then attack and seal offto create the running lane. The center cuts off the right outside linebacker and the fullback lead blocks the left outside linebacker. The halfback sets up to block, then drifts to his right and takes the handoff, keying off the fullback's block.

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