Christa Wolf's "Accident." She's a German writer, the book...

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September 01, 1996

Christa Wolf's "Accident." She's a German writer, the book is really interesting. It takes place in one day, just after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The main character is aware that a nuclear cloud is moving across Europe and at the same time she's awaiting the results of her brother's brain tumor operation. It's a meditation on the horrofic results of technology and its benefits.

I'm also reading new poetry by Jane Mead, "The Lord and The General Din of the World." It's very fierce, unflinching. In a sense it's like "Accident" in it's observations on modernity, on what one can believe in during our time.

- A.V. Christie teaches in the Goucher English department an this year won the National Poetry Series Award for her manuscript "Nine Skies." The poems will be published by Illinios University Press next summer.

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