25 years ago Voters of Carroll County's 7th District, 3rd...


August 25, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County's library.

25 years ago Voters of Carroll County's 7th District, 3rd and 4th precincts, turned down the city's bid to annex the area in a referendum vote Monday night. With a light voter turnout of 146 total, 118 voted against the proposal and 28 voted for. Only 37 percent of the voters went to the polls, in what was described by election supervisors as a smoothly run election. The area, Charles, Liberty and Bond streets, has been up for annexation twice before, but defeated both times. "I don't believe we'll try a third time," said Westminster Mayor Joseph Hahn after the tally. -- Democratic Advocate, August 5, 1971.

75 years ago For the second time within a week, thieves called on our town, calling in the same vicinity as last week. They entered the garage of Edgar Essig, securing nine cases of eggs, nine pounds of butter, two pair of new scales, a new truck tire and inner tube just purchased by Mr. Essig on Monday and stolen Monday night. They also called on the garage of Harvey Ohler next door and took a tire pump. They were operating a small Ford truck, and were seen by S. C. Reaver, who fired several shots at the car, which headed for Littlestown and was pursued by Messrs. Harry A. Allison and Harry C. Brendle as far as the square in Littlestown, where the trail was lost. They evidently were the same gang which called on our town last Monday night, and either are well acquainted with the town or else have someone here helping them for no strangers can enter a town and travel alleys and secure goods like this gang. -- Union Bridge Pilot, August 12, 1921.

100 Years Ago James McDonough, who, from a discharge dated July 1st, 1965 found on his person, served in Co. F, 99th Pennsylvania Vols., was found wandering about the streets of this city on Wednesday, in a mentally unsound condition and was taken into custody by Sheriff Murray. He is still detained, awaiting the result of inquiries as to his home &c. He is about 60 years of age. He had in his possession between $40 and $50; a note for $300, given by Joseph E. Kelbaugh, at Reading, Pa., April 28, 1894; a note for $33, given by Amanda McDonough, Blainesport, Pa., April 6, 1893; a certified check for $400 on the Lebanon, Pa., National Bank, dated December 23, 1865, and a bank book showing two deposits of $100 and $120, respectively, in the Northern National Bank of Lancaster, Pa., and a withdrawal of $120, the later dated January 27, 1896. State's Attorney Reifsnider telegraphed the Lebanon Bank for information concerning the man, but received answer that neither the bank nor post office authorities had any knowledge of him. He was taken into custody that he may be cared for until his friends can be found. While he bears an Irish or Scotch name, he speaks with a German brogue, probably from long association with the Germans of Pennsylvania. -- American Sentinel, August 15, 1896.

Pub Date: 8/25/96

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