Who's at fault on the road?I moved here two years ago from...


August 25, 1996

Who's at fault on the road?

I moved here two years ago from western New York and was initially struck by two characteristics of Maryland drivers:

They don't use turn signals.

On multi-lane highways, they don't stay to the right.

Sure enough, the Maryland drivers manual confirmed that was the law here, too. But along with the speed limit, these laws apparently aren't enforced here.

Mike Adams' piece in Perspective on July 21 ("River of testosterone: On JFX, speed or else") confirmed that he is a typical driver here. No point in staying to the right and letting faster traffic (even if exceeding the posted limit) pass on the left. No. It appears that Mr. Adams wished to prove the point that he had a "right" to drive in the "fast" lane (notice that he referred to "relinquishing" the lane) at the posted speed limit and force others to either slow down to his speed or to force others to pass him unsafely (on the right).

It is clear to this reader that Mr. Adams' intention was to provoke an incident with another driver. Perhaps to create another expressway incident to write about. The "jerk" driving the Nissan does have a point about Mr. Adams' driving and perhaps both drivers should have their licenses revoked.

David S. Hancock

Ellicott City

Nightmare watching the Orioles

Every summer when my parents visit from Massachusetts, we take them to an Orioles game. Our experience on June 9 was so horrendous that it needs to be told for the safety of others driving into the city for a game. After the interminable line off Interstate 95 to the stadium, we were told the lots were full and to proceed straight ahead to find parking.

We were not told where to proceed to, but we finally found a lot adjacent to Lexington Market. Upon handing $5 to the "attendant," we promptly discovered he was perpetuating a scam as he ran off with our money. Only then did we spot the fee box and deposit another $5.

While at the game it rained and the Orioles lost to Chicago. But even worse, when we returned to our vehicle, a window had been smashed and $60 stolen. In total, this outing to Camden Yards cost us an unexpected $350 and a lot of hassles. In light of our misfortunes, the Orioles' organization should be obliged to guarantee not only parking, but the safety and welfare of its fans.

Nancy McCartney Johnston


School day care for teen moms distorts reality

In your editorial of July 31 regarding the cutoff of state funds for the Howard County day care program for high school mothers, you could not be more wrong. No doubt it is hard to raise a child while in high school, often as an unmarried mother. But in life there are some very basic rules which always prevail. One of those is that we are responsible for our own actions. To mask that reality from the young women, young men and their families is wrong. In their attempt to cushion individuals from the results of their own behavior, the patrons of welfare, public or private, are creating the next generation of dependents and second-class citizens.

These young women should complete high school and, I would hope, college as well. However, the day care for their children must be the complete responsibility of both the mothers and their families and the fathers and their families.

A welfare mentality which distorts right and wrong, cause and effect, behavior and outcome is not helping those girls develop lifestyles and behaviors which lead to personal accomplishments, pride and self-fulfillment. Help these girls and boys by setting standards and examples to follow.

Mark Leuba

Ellicott City

Columbia can keep its soccer masses

What on earth would possess the Soccer Association of Columbia to think we would want them out here in the Woodstock area? If their own "town" cannot/will not find room for their traffic, noise and destruction of the environment, well, that should tell them something.

When the Browns so generously left their farm to the county, I am sure they envisioned something along the lines of the Carroll County Farm Museum or something serving their community; certainly not a sea of flat fields and asphalt parking lots. And certainly not for Columbia. Our roads alone cannot handle the concept of 5,000 families passing through. Neighbors in my community already risk their lives each time they attempt to pull out onto Route 99. And one trip on Bethany Lane will make it painfully obvious that it cannot possibly handle any increase in volume of traffic.

If our Department of Recreation and Parks feels the need to accommodate SAC, perhaps it should offer them the new Alpha Ridge Park. Let them play downwind of the landfill. That's the closest thing we have gotten to recreation facilities in decades.

Norene M. Parker

Ellicott City

Village of Long Reach, or Long Wait?


Wait several minutes at the traffic light to cross Route 175 to get to Long Reach. Wait several minutes at the light to get back. Some questions come to mind.

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