150 years ago in The SunAug. 25: GOV. HENDERSON OF TEXAS...

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August 25, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

Aug. 25: GOV. HENDERSON OF TEXAS NOT DEAD -- We learn from Washington that the announcement of Gov. Henderson's death was premature.

Aug. 26: A fortnight ago, Monday night, the trains of the Erie Railroad were stopped by grasshoppers -- there being such numbers of them on the track as to grease it as effectively as though lard had been placed on the rails.

Aug. 31: Peaches -- We do not recollect a season when our markets have been more crowded with this delicious fruit. The prices are very reasonable, selling as low as twenty-five cents a bushel for those of excellent quality.

100 years ago in The Sun

Aug 25: The transfer of the property at 105 West Franklin Street, the former residence of the late Governor Swann, which is still familiarly known as the "Gov. Swann Mansion," and which was sold at auction June 30 to Mr. Joseph Hazazer, of 11 West Franklin Street, for $15,000, was yesterday put on the record.

Aug 26: For some time passengers on the Central Line cars have complained of stones being thrown at cars in the vicinity of Argyle Avenue and Dolphin Street.

Aug. 31: If the mountain won't come to us we shall go to the mountains, say several of the Baltimore horsemen. The efforts to bring the crack pacing horses to Pimlico having started too late to be successful, these horsemen have banded together, and will, after witnessing the racing at Timonium Tuesday, take a midnight train and visit New York to see the pacers go at Fleetwood track.

50 years ago in The Sun

Aug. 25: Baltimore's public schools will place a greater emphasis than ever before on air-age education when the school year opens on September 5, according to Dr. J. Carey Taylor, assistant superintendent of public education.

Aug. 26: With the announcement yesterday that 315 Negro units will be formed as part of the Army's Organized Reserve Corps, it was said that the largest of the units -- an all-Negro infantry regiment -- would be assigned to a division of the 2d Army, which has its headquarters here.

Aug. 28: Taxicabs equipped with two-way radio-telephone to enable them to give prompt call service will be on the streets of Baltimore within 30 days, it was announced yesterday by Robert Freedman, general manager of the Yellow Cab Co.

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