Just a touch of starchThose hot Hollywood spouses, Bruce...



Just a touch of starch

Those hot Hollywood spouses, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, are the new spokescouple for quintessential coolness. They'll be seen in September's glossiest magazines wearing Donna Karan clothes and attitude.

We've seen her in clothes and out of them, but he's the real surprise in these advertorials. The die-hard bad boy of wrinkled T-shirts and scruffy jeans cleans up very well. A perfect white shirt is apparently what a guy needs to make the transition from macho hunk to matinee idol.

"To me, Demi and Bruce embody all that is modern -- the power of emotion, of physical expression. Their energy, their style, their fearless embrace of life," says Donna Karan, explaining her choice. The couple's physicality was captured by celebrity photographer Peter Lindbergh and will be presented in multi-page portfolios also targeted at prestigious European magazines to coincide with next month's debut of the flagship DKNY store in London.

In addition, the glamour version of a family album, a 30-page Bruce and Demi image book, will be shipped with the September issue of W. Once upon a time, stars and divas endorsed mink; today it's milk. Sexy supermodel Tyra Banks (right) is the newest gorgeous face to wear a milk mustache in the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board's drive to get folks to drink healthy. Models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss have mustached, too. Those farmers know what they're doing.

Banks is also the judge in Seventeen magazine's "Mad About Milk" photo contest. The contest, aimed at people ages 12 to 24, offers entrants a chance to appear in a magazine ad and win cash prizes and T-shirts.

Contestants must send a picture of themselves in milk mustache with a creative caption on why they drink milk. Entry forms will appear in the next issue of Seventeen. Information can also be had by calling (800) WHY-MILK or by logging on to the new Milk Web Site: http: /www.whymilk.com. The web site also offers nutrition and diet advice and pictures of celebrities showing off their milk mustaches. During the Cold War-era fashion freeze in the old Soviet Union, women who were starved for glimpses of Western style would pay a month's salary to borrow a smuggled Vogue or Bazaar to see what their decadent capitalist sisters were up to.

Elle is the first international-status mag to publish a Russian edition, and the premiere issue is an interesting study in Cyrillic style. The message is over-the-top clothes, glitzy accessories and major blue eye shadow. Russia's transition from a contraband society to one of conspicuous consumption makes for odd status symbols, as reflected in the magazine's ads for makeup schools, pagers, refrigerators, vitamins and American health clinics. There is also slick marketing for luxury watches, perfumes and cosmetics. Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique are the lead-in advertisers. Beauty promises are an international language. This change of wardrobe season can be difficult on the eye. Too late for white shoes, too early for black boots. Subtle shadings of lights and darks in reptile patterns are a natural neutral choice for any season. Hold on to the old snakes in your closet and consider the new ones being crafted in casual and dressy styles like the shoe shown here from Joanna Gray.

Pub Date: 8/25/96

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