Two-career families are good families

August 24, 1996

I TAKE INSULT from your Aug. 15 editorial, ''Childhood in the suburbs.'' Yes, there has been a rise in the two-income family, but this does not justify a decline in the two-parent family.

My husband and I and the majority of our friends and business associates take pride in our child rearing. We also take pride in our careers.

Our children understand that by both of us working we are able to offer more opportunities to them, such as better education and home environments.

My children are in a wonderful after-school program that stimulates them scholastically, as well as allowing them to participate in games and organized sports. They are kept busy.

To say that ''parents are too tired to expend the kind of energy child-rearing requires,'' insults all of us working parents who after a long day at the office, no matter how tired we are, devote true quality time to our children.

We go on walks, we throw a baseball, we sit at the kitchen table and do homework together, and we read together at night.

To say that ''the demise of the two-parent family has left too many suburban children on their own without structure, discipline or sense of behavioral boundaries'' insults all of us working parents who set rules for our households and who instill values in each of our children so that they know the difference between right and wrong.

The problem with today's children isn't whether or not their parents are working. It is that they aren't being taught the right values and the meaning of the word respect.

Without that, it isn't going to matter whether one or both parents are working.

I know that my children are not perfect. But I also know that they are not suffering at the hands of either my or my husband's career.

Our time together is quality time, filled with family values and lots of old fashioned TLC.

Kathie Krieger


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