Back to school means sports, plays, new teachers, homework


August 23, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

WELL, IT'S THE beginning of a new school year, and as parents sigh with relief, so do many bored students. Summer is long, and by mid-August too many friends are away on vacation. There's no one to play with and most summer programs are over. Even video games pall after a while. So back to regularly scheduled activities, to soccer and football and plays -- and homework. Well, the news couldn't all be good.

Of course, this long and blessedly cool summer has brought some changes to area schools -- and changes to some of the teaching staff. At Bollman Bridge Elementary, several teachers are on leave to attend to their new children. Jennifer Keller had a girl over the summer. She'll be replaced by Peggy Jean Fate until she returns. Margie Eisenstein also had a girl this summer. She'll be replaced temporarily by Sue Frankel. In addition, Deborah Lewin, a fourth-grade teacher, is expecting a baby in October. Her students will be taught by Lisa DeRemigis.

Kristen Allen returns to Howard County after living in Georgia for a few years and will teach third grade. New teacher Nicole Giorgio also will join the third-grade staff.

Returning students may be surprised to see Joy Hogan in a new role at the school. Last year she was an instructional assistant there. This year she's teaching fifth grade. John Krownapple also will teach fifth grade.

Joining the staff as a prekindergarten teacher is Kristin Hunsicker.

Janet Orlosky will be the new gifted and talented teacher. She's been transferred from Dasher Green Elementary.

Nancy Huff is another familiar face in a new role at the school. Several years back, she was a student teacher. She returns as an art teacher this year.

The task of keeping hungry bodies calm while preventing food fights falls to the cafeteria monitors. It's not easy keeping children from their food or from recess until the right time, but the monitors manage.

This year, Jane Beyzavi, Maria Doesey and Pat Pecor join the staff to help.

New Patuxent Valley staff

A secretary at Patuxent Valley Middle School, Isabell Kelly, was the calm center of a storm of questions Wednesday, yet still found time to announce many changes. The new principal is fTC Sterlind Burke. Craig Cummings is the new assistant principal.

The sixth grade welcomes two new teachers, Emily Mitchell in reading and Timothy Morris in science. The seventh grade gets three new teachers, Marc Shaffer and Debbie Blum in language arts and Mary Everet for special education.

The eighth grade welcomes four new staff members. Robert Randolph will teach science. Chana Menkel will teach social studies. Sarah Talley is the new language arts teacher and Renee Ingram is the new special education teacher for the eighth grade.

Eileen Reid joins the staff as the new home economics teacher. Kevin Gillespie joins the staff in the guidance office. Debbie Cooch joins the custodial staff.

Welcome all, and watch out for the red paint -- all the school's doors are being repainted.

Hammond clinic set

Hammond High seems to be home of the construction dust from renovations. Staff at the school remind parents that all ninth- and 10th-graders must have proof of two measles vaccinations. The school has scheduled free immunization clinics from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 4 and Oct. 16.

Hammond High also is welcoming new staff members. Leray Allen is a new technology education teacher. Lisa Brecher, Elizabeth Singleton and Heather Jones are new English teachers.

Nicole Chappell, Arlana Lucas and Elyssa Taylor are the new special education teachers. Samina Chaudhry and John DiPaula join the guidance staff.

Nadia Eliasson is a new foreign language teacher. Scott Farrow is a new math and science teacher, and David Griffin also is joining the science staff.

Joan Hoffman, Michelle Kiner and Karyn Scoville are the new math teachers. Bonnie Sudduth is the new coordinator of work experience. Randel Wagner is the new vocal teacher and Mark Resnick is the new child psychologist.

Welcome all.

Even good schools look for ways to improve. The Hammond School Improvement Team welcomes new student members Amy Gifford and Nicole Velasquez to the team, as well as returning parent members Jean Finglass and Brenda Katz.

Pub Date: 8/23/96

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