Proposed waterfowl dates include a youth hunting day Special season suggested for resident Canada geese

August 18, 1996|By Peter Baker | Peter Baker,SUN STAFF

Maryland's proposed waterfowl hunting season dates and bag limits for 1996-97 have a few new twists, including a youth hunting day and a possible special winter season for resident Canada geese.

The hunting season for migratory Canada geese will remain closed.

The youth hunting day, which has been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serice, would be Nov. 2. The hunt would be open to those 15 and younger who would be accompanied by a non-shooting hunter 21 years or older.

The late season for resident Canada geese would be held Jan. 15 to Feb. 15 in Allegany, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett and Washington counties and Montgomery County south of I-270.

While numbers of migratory Canada geese are well below long-term averages, the number of snow geese in Maryland continues to increase. To offset this trend, the bag limit for snow geese has been increased to eight per day.

For ducks, the USFWS frameworks allow seasons and bag limits similar to last year's, and this year Maryland proposes a four-bird daily limit with certain restrictions on species and sex and delayed seasons for black ducks and canvasbacks.

The Department of Natural Resources will hold four public meetings to solicit comment on the proposed regulations. All meetings will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.:

Tomorrow -- Gov. Thomas Johnson Middle School, 1501 N. Market St., Frederick.

Tuesday -- Bennett Middle School, W. College Ave., Salisbury.

Thursday -- Elkton High School, 110 James St., Elkton.

L Aug. 26 -- Annapolis High School, 2700 Riva Road, Annapolis.

PACT2000 picks Farr

PACT2000, the New York Yacht Club syndicate that will challenge for the America's Cup at the turn of the century, has chosen Farr and Associates of Annapolis to design two racing yachts to compete against New Zealand's defenders.

In the last America's Cup, sailed in San Diego, John Marshall and PACT '95 placed behind Dennis Conner's Stars and Stripes in the defender trials, but Conner sailed PACT '95's Young America in the cup series against New Zealand. New Zealand won the cup series easily.

This time, Marshall and company are hoping Bruce Farr and Russell Bowler, who head Farr and Associates, will put them at the head of the chase to challenge and beat New Zealand and return the America's Cup to New York.

The New York Yacht Club held the America's Cup from 1851 until 1983, when Conner lost to Australia. Conner regained the cup three years later while challenging for the San Diego Yacht Club, which then held the cup in San Diego until New Zealand won.

Calling the Farr group the "preeminent" designer of large racing sailboats worldwide, Marshall said the firm's knowledge of New Zealand waters and its experience with America's Cup campaigns will be valuable.

Farr and Associates has designed yachts for four New Zealand America's Cup challenges but did not design Team New Zealand's Black Magic, which won the last cup.

Pub Date: 8/18/96

1996-97 proposals

Migratory Canada geese: closed season.

Snow geese: Oct. 26-Nov. 29, Dec. 16-Jan. 18, Jan. 30-March 8. Bag limit eight.

Brant: Nov. 27-29, Dec. 23-Jan. 18. Bag limit two.

Black ducks: Nov. 25-29, Dec. 16-Jan. 18. Bag limit one.

Canvasbacks: Jan. 1-18. Bag limit one.

Other ducks: Oct.9-12, Nov. 18-29, Dec. 16-Jan. 18. Bag limit four, with no more than one hen mallard, one pintail and two wood ducks.

Sea ducks: Oct. 7-Jan. 20. Limit of five per day for eiders and old squaw; four per day for scoters.

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