Remodeling with finesse BY DESIGN: A ledge and cabinet provide space for towels and toiletries in a small bathroom.

August 18, 1996|By Rita St. Clair | Rita St. Clair,LOS ANGELES TIMES SYNDICATE

We're remodeling a small bathroom -- so small that it contains only a shower stall, toilet and sink. We would prefer to avoid the usual cabinet/sink combination. Will it be possible to provide enough storage space for towels and toiletries if we install a pedestal sink?

The photo basically answers your question. As you can see, the added ledge accommodates all the necessary toilet articles, while extra towels are stored on shelves in the small built-in cabinet.

If you don't have enough space for a cabinet, the ledge can be made wider than the 6 inches seen here. Extend it to, say, 15 inches, and it becomes wide enough to hold towels as well as an abundance of other everyday items.

While the layout does speak for itself, this design still deserves further comment because of its decorative finesse.

Even though your bathroom may be rather small, please keep in mind that the remodeling project should involve more than just installation of a pedestal sink. You've got a one-time opportunity to add some visual flair to an ordinary space, so please note this setting's aesthetic assets as well as its functional properties.

For example, the stained-glass insert in the lower part of the window is a fine decorative addition and an effective privacy feature.

The wall below the 42-inch-high ledge is surfaced with ceramic tile in a two-part pattern. The checkerboard border defines the back-splash near the sink and creates a counter-top effect as it winds above the towel rack and cabinet.

Note that the tiles vary in size and shape as well as in color. Such a touch isn't necessary; a single-size ceramic tile will certainly do the job. But the manipulation of form does produce a certain stylishness that wouldn't have resulted from a more straightforward, no-frills approach.

In this case, a standard 2-inch-by-2-inch white tile was accented on the wall by a coral-colored tile of the same size. The same two colors were used on the border, though on larger-size tiles, while strips of aqua tiles were added above and below the checkerboard pattern.

If you're inspired to install some tiles as part of your remodeling project, be aware that the color of the grouting will affect the overall look of a surface.

Further information, including plenty of practical tips, can be found in "The Lifestyle Is Tile" booklet, which is available free of charge by calling (800) 408-TILE, Ext. 705.

Pub Date: 8/18/96

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