It seemed like a great idea at the time. With all the...

Editor's Note

August 15, 1996|By Catherine Cook | Catherine Cook,Distinction Editor

It seemed like a great idea at the time. With all the changes ahead for fashion this fall, why not underscore the point by shooting our women's fashions in the city streets and making use of the arrows on traffic signs to support our headline: "New Directions." Even better, we could give the photographs some surreal retro glamour by shooting them in the dark of night. So far, terrific.

We booked models and stylists, rented signs and even scheduled an extra day in case of rain. We're well aware that nature does not always cooperate with fashion shoots; we've had to photograph spring outfits in snowstorms because magazine deadlines are so advanced. But in June, what could go wrong? Maybe the models would get a little toasty wearing woolens in 100-degree weather, or we might get a shower or two. But we did not count on the monsoons that were June.

A one-day rain delay turned into a two-day rain delay. By then our first model had to fly back to New York, so we had to scramble and find another. Then a crucial camera got stolen from one of the vehicles late one night while the crew was waiting under shelter for a storm to pass.

As the rains continued, Sun Fashion Editor Vida Roberts had to improvise. Her solution? Move the whole shoot into The Sun's concrete parking garage and re-create the effect of night on the streets. While the summer rains poured down outside, photographer Perry Thorsvik pulled off a feat, creating moody, dramatic portraits of fall.

But that's just one of our fall Distinction offerings; you'll also find here pictures of several Ravens modeling civilian threads, news on the food and home fronts, and a first-person account by Kevin Cowherd of the eventful day he took a Lamborghini out for a spin around Baltimore.

Pub Date: 8/15/96

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