Secretary Powell?

August 14, 1996

COLIN POWELL, after his compelling call for compassionate conservatism at the Republican National Convention, has quickly let it be known that if there is a Dole administration, "I would consider anything the president asks me to do."

This compares to his rebuff to President Clinton when he reportedly offered the general the job of secretary of State late in 1993. "Powell said he had to honor the contract to finish his memoirs and could not consider the appointment," according to journalist Bob Woodward's best-selling book, "The Choice." "He [Powell] didn't say how uncomfortable he was with the way Clinton made foreign policy."

In his San Diego speech Monday night, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made clear his feelings when he described GOP candidate Robert J. Dole as "a man of strength, maturity and integrity" and, in a gibe at Mr. Clinton, decried this "era of too much salesmanship and too much smooth talking."

Pub Date: 8/14/96

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