NBC puts off move reviews

August 11, 1996|By Milton Kent

Viewers who tuned into yesterday's Ravens-New York Giants game lying in wait for Bob Trumpy or expecting NBC to explore ramifications of the move from Cleveland didn't get either.

There have been, and will be, lots of words about the Team Formerly Known As The Cleveland Browns, but those words would have been wasted on a preseason game whose audience will be dramatically smaller than that of a regular-season contest in a few weeks.

In other words, as the comedians say, why waste your A material on a B audience?

There were a few references to the renewed presence of Baltimore in the NFL. The opening montage was a quick look at Colts history, with scenes from their move to Indianapolis and from the Browns' relocation, and there was some idle chat about ticket sales in the third quarter, along with a look at center Steve Everitt's Browns bandanna, but the booth crew of Don Criqui, Phil Simms and Beasley Reece stayed mostly to the game.

Except for a late stumble in which Criqui called the Ravens the Browns, the NBC crew passed the most important test -- keeping the cities of Baltimore and Cleveland apart. We already know Trumpy can do that.

Pub Date: 8/11/96

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