New homes must affect school systemThe letter by Stewart...


August 11, 1996

New homes must affect school system

The letter by Stewart J. Greenebaum, "New homes not causing school crowding," in The Sun July 31 raises several questions: If there were 19,000 new dwellings added to the area (Baltimore County) and if the families who moved into these dwellings located from older homes in the same area, what happened to the older dwellings that they moved from? Were they destroyed or were they sold to other families? And where did those families move from?

Mr. Greenebaum states, "The vast majority of the people buying new homes already live within the county." Maybe so, but who is NTC buying their homes and then who is buying the homes that they sold, etc.?

Perhaps the "approximately 4,000 new elementary school students" were not generated from the new home developments, but they were generated from somewhere and they indeed have an impact on the school system in Baltimore County.

P. Blum


Building industry's poster boy

The building industry's poster boy, state Sen. Larry Haines, is at it again. This time, he has helped mega-developer Martin K. P. Hill gain a needed main access so he can build a 220-unit `D development to add to Hampstead's overcrowded conditions.

I'm sorry to say that I helped put Mr. Haines in office, but I assure you that won't happen again. Instead of concentrating on issues important to us in Annapolis, Mr. Haines and his legislative groupies made a spectacle of themselves and recently interjected themselves into local politics. Their refusal to recognize growth problems in Hampstead and South Carroll only points out their servitude to the special interest groups that helped elect them.

They should be put out to pasture. But if they have their way, pastures will all be paved over.

Gene Edwards


Pub Date: 8/11/96

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