Sun's Hunter deemed hot item

In Brief

August 07, 1996|By Tamara Ikenberg

Stephen Hunter is in the eye of the swarm.

"We noticed a certain buzz gathering around the guy," said Will Dana, senior editor of Rolling Stone.

Hunter, The Sun's film critic, has been named Hot Author of the year by Rolling Stone. The best-selling author's latest thriller is "Black Light." Two of his other books, "Dirty White Boys" and "Point of Impact," are Hollywood-bound.

"I suppose I was formed by too many movies and too much television," Hunter says in the Aug. 22 issue of Rolling Stone. "At some point I absorbed the dramatic formula."

Machismo and firearms do play into his plots, but Hunter's books refuse to trivialize violence," according to Rolling Stone.

Dana, who says Hunter's thrillers have a Quentin Tarantino edge, is partial to "Dirty White Boys." "There's a directness," he says. "The first paragraph is pretty incredible."

Pub Date: 8/07/96

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