Rebounding Dow Jones index moves closer to all-time high

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August 07, 1996|By Julius Westheimer

CATCHING ITS BREATH after surging 245 points in the final four days last week, the Dow Jones industrial average edged up only a trifle early this week.

This morning the blue-chip index stands at 5,696.11, only 82 points below its all-time peak and 579 points above its Jan. 1 level.

Speaking of stocks, Fortune (Aug. 19) is out with its "Special Midyear Investor Guide" ($4.95), a 204-page jam-packed issue worth buying. Excerpts:

"If you buy and hold stocks long-term, you have an advantage over most money managers who try to 'time' the market."

"Forget owning stocks if you can't afford to sit tight through a bear market."

"When you see big expenses ahead, buy Treasury bonds with maturities to match those dates."

"Hold sufficient cash to cover your needs for 12 months."

BUCK STOPS HERE: "Business owners, open your firm's bank statement yourself. It won't take over 20 minutes a month, and it's the best single way to protect your company.

"When the CEO opens the envelope and looks at all the canceled checks, nobody can embezzle by check and get rid of the evidence when the bank statement arrives." (Inc, August)

AUGUST ADVICE: "Invest in new stock issues four weeks after they begin trading -- when 'cooling off' period ends and firm's data are released." (IPO Aftermarket newsletter)

"If you're in a cash crunch, or were laid off or have a financial emergency -- stretch out credit payments, often possible by contacting creditors." (Advisors Financial Inc.)

"When job-hunting, target companies with 20 or fewer employees. They account for two-thirds of all new jobs." (Woman's Day, Aug. 6)

MARYLAND MEMOS: "As BGE pays a premium for Potomac Electric, we expect short-term upward pressure on BGE and downward pressure on Pepco. Black & Decker will continue to show strong results through the second half." (Legg Mason Research Weekly)

Youth Services International and Sylvan Learning Systems, both Maryland-based, are listed under "Honor Roll of Education," in Financial World, Aug. 12.

Government Employees (14), Maryland Casualty (41) and USF&G (50) appear under "50 Largest Property & Casualty Insurers" in the same magazine. Ranking follows each name above.

EXTRA BUCKS: "Volunteer to serve behind the scenes at glittering social events or high-roller political functions. You'll see and be seen, maybe eat free, too, if you can stand rubber chicken -- and don't mind serving tables." (The Cheap Report)

"If you're a college student, sign up to clean dorm rooms at end of school year. At many schools, dorm-crew members can keep items they find -- typewriters, furniture, trunks of clothes, etc." (Tightwad Gazette)

MONEY-SAVERS: "Many doctors will agree to free or low-cost follow-up appointments after you've paid for your first visit -- if you just ask."

"Check out mail-order firms for 5-10 percent off everything from camcorders to VCRs. Use your credit card and don't pay if items don't arrive as advertised."

"A family of four can see a minor league baseball game for $25, including tickets, parking, hot dogs and Cokes." (Money, August)

MIDSUMMER MEMOS: This week's (Aug. 5) Barron's runs a cover story, "Right on the Money: Morgan Stanley's Byron Wien made good call after good call. Now he bets the Dow is headed for a 1,000-point tumble."

"In 1985, average 401(k) account balance was $10,500. Today, $30,270. By 2001, predicted to top $52,000." (Fortune, Aug. 19)

"Forget about table manners and firm handshake. Now high on recruiters' lists for top-level job seekers: Screen presence. Videoconferencing is a cheaper, shorter screening device." (Business Week, Aug. 5, under "Smile, You're on Job-Candidate Camera")

"If you must cancel a trip, you can recover many costs by canceling early enough -- even if you don't have trip insurance." (Nancy Duncan, travel writer)

"Best times to return business phone calls are first hours of the morning and last two afternoon hours. Most people are in their offices then." ("Power Talking," by George Walther, $5.99)

Mercantile Bankshares appears under "Banking on Gains," in Financial World, Aug. 12. ("Main attraction is income from trust business. Earnings expected to climb 10 percent.")

"How to Re-Establish Good Credit" is available for $1 from BankCard Holders of America, 524 Branch Drive, Salem, Va. 24153.

Pub Date: 8/07/96

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