Would-be robber is routed

August 06, 1996|By TaNoah Morgan | TaNoah Morgan,SUN STAFF

A man who attempted to rob a pizza delivery man got more than he bargained for when the victim sprayed him in the face with Mace and beat him, county police said.

The victim, Joseph Christopher Jenkins, 20, of Chelsea Beach, received a black eye when the bandit flung his arms around in self-defense. He was not hospitalized.

Police said Jenkins delivered a pizza to a house at Chestnut View Court and Chestnut Cove Drive shortly before 3 p.m. when he was approached by a man.

The man asked if delivery drivers made a lot of money and told Jenkins he had a nice watch. The man then asked to borrow some money and Jenkins said no and walked away, police said.

The man then grabbed Jenkins arm, spun him around, and said "You don't understand. I want your money."

Jenkins told the man he would comply, pushed both hands into his pockets, pulled cash from one of them and Mace from the other. Jenkins sprayed the man in the face, then began beating him, police said.

The man grabbed Jenkins' arms to keep him from hitting him, then pushed Jenkins away and ran into the woods, police said. Police did not have a detailed description of the assailant.

Pub Date: 8/06/96

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