Talking about Earl

August 04, 1996

"We had a great rapport, playing golf in the off-season. Earl wasn't perfect and I certainly wasn't perfect, but the bottom line was we knew we were going to win. He was the best manager of his era."

Jim Palmer

"We were never caught off-guard and we attacked other teams' weaknesses. We knew Earl would never cost us a ballgame."

Frank Robinson

"He kind of had a reverse psychology with us. When we played well he would hoot and holler and he was all over us. When we were going bad he would pat us on the back. He made everyone feel important, even the 25th man on the bench."

Brooks Robinson

"I'm very glad that he got in the Hall of Fame. I appreciated the way that he approached managing. I thought he tried to coach us all as individuals. That was the amazing thing about him. I mean we had 25 guys and some he had to scream at and he had a few that he basically just let go out there and play."

Eddie Murray

"I only played for him one year, not counting when he came back, but it seemed like I knew of him and was around him a lot longer than that. Through osmosis what he said naturally found its way into my way of thinking."

Cal Ripken Jr.

"Nobody can emulate Earl. I mean that's impossible. I think I tried it one time over in the National League. I kicked some dirt on an umpire and they suspended me for a game and said we don't condone Earl Weaver tactics over here."

Davey Johnson

"At Elmira, Earl was like a second father to me."

Andy Etchebarren

"He was one of the most creative managers I've ever seen."

Jon Miller

Pub Date: 8/04/96

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