Goal of 'Md. Week' is visibility in Japan

Maryland Watch

August 03, 1996

Thirty-one local companies and individuals have donated $50,000 in support of "Maryland Week," a Department of Business and Economic Development project with Maryland's Japanese sister state, Kanagawa Prefecture, the department said.

"Maryland is making a concerted effort to increase its visibility in overseas markets," said Chuck Porcari, spokesman for Gov. Parris N. Glendening.

The events, which began yesterday and continue through Aug. 14, include displays of Maryland industry and attractions and sales of state souvenirs at a Japanese department store.

The state, which had a record $6.2 billion in exports last year, is aiming to reach $9 billion within the next three years, Porcari said. To accomplish that goal, Maryland is focusing on business with the Pacific Rim and South America, he said.

Maryland ranks 24th among the 50 states in export sales.

The local donations have funded the travels of 15 female high school lacrosse players, who will play with sister schools and in two exhibition games during the Men's World Lacrosse Championship in Tokyo.

Pub Date: 8/03/96

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