Hits and misses

July 29, 1996|By Buster Olney

On the field: Before he made the two great defensive plays in the bottom of the 12th and set up the game-winning rally in the top of the 13th, Kenny Lofton was having a bad day. He had one hit in six at-bats and struck out twice, and in the fifth inning, Lofton was thrown out stealing. All day, he'd been arguing with umpires.

In the dugout: Orioles manager Davey Johnson usually doesn't like using closer Randy Myers in tie games. Because of the injuries to Roger McDowell and Arthur Rhodes, however, Johnson has been forced to use his veteran relievers in unusual ways. Myers entered the game in the ninth yesterday with the score 3-3 -- only the third time all year he's come to pitch with the score tied.

In the clubhouse: "What [Lofton] did separates good players from bad players. He was something like 0-for-5 . . . but he didn't let that bother him." -- Roberto Alomar, after Kenny Lofton took a home run away from him.

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