75 years agoThrough some mistake, a foreigner was given a...


July 28, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County's library.

75 years ago

Through some mistake, a foreigner was given a pay check

belonging to someone else on the last payday at the Cement Plant. As he could neither read nor write our language, he got someone else to endorse it who used the name as was written on the face, the foreigner making his mark. Payment was refused upon presentation to the bank and later he was arrested and placed in jail. He was given a hearing on Thursday, when the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. The consensus of opinion is that he was innocent and the question, therefore, naturally arises as to why was he locked up at all? -- Union Bridge Pilot, July 8, 1921.

100 years ago

A queer surprise occurred at a funeral at Fairview, about halfway between New Windsor and Mount Airy, on Sunday. A body, which it was supposed was that of Zachariah Dodson, colored, was sent to New Windsor and consigned to the charge of Undertaker Charles P. Baile for burial. Dodson died at the Maryland University Hospital, Baltimore, on the previous Thursday, and the body sent to New Windsor was identified as his by a woman in Baltimore who called herself his wife and for whom he had deserted his real life in this county. His Carroll County wife expected his remains would be sent to Mount Airy and, with her friends, watched for the arrival of the body. On Sunday, she learned that the funeral was taking place at Fairview and went to the church, with her children and friends. At her request and against the protest of wife No. 2, the coffin was opened and found to contain the body of a white man. The funeral services were discontinued and Undertaker Baile reshipped the body to Baltimore and it was taken to the morgue. Great excitement occurred at the grave and, it is said, violence was threatened against wife No. 2, who was suspected of having disposed of Dodson's body in some other way. But the woman seems to have simply made a mistake and recognized the remains of somebody else as those of her alleged husband. The body has been ascertained to be that of Conrad Glaenzer, a white man. The bodies were mixed up at the morgue and Dodson was buried in the Western Public cemetery and Glaenzer shipped to Carroll County. The tangle has therefore been straightened and the mystery solved. Dodson's body was exhumed and identified. -- American Sentinel, July 11, 1896.

Pub Date: 7/28/96

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