I'm having tremendous fun reading three Walter Mosley...

I'm Reading. . .

July 28, 1996

I'm having tremendous fun reading three Walter Mosley books: "White Butterfly," "Red Death," and the one we're going to publish, "Gone Fishin'."

I orginally looked at them for character development, but I didn't realize it would be so clear and illuminating to read them all at the same time. It allows me to see the consistency between the characters and I came across details I missed the first time I read them.

I'm also stumbling through one of my favorite histories, John William Draper's "Intellectual Development of Europe." I read it a page at a time in order to digest it. It's the kind of book I can put

down and go back to at anytime - I never get lost in the text.

W. Paul Coates, director of Baltimore-based Black Classic Press. He will be publishing Walter Mosley's next book.

Pub Date: 7/28/96

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