Spotting ceramic animals The Weller Pottery Co. produced little figures that looked real.


July 28, 1996|By Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel | Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel,KING FEATURES SYNDICATE

The Weller Pottery Co. of Zanesville, Ohio, made a number of different garden ornaments. The pottery, which opened in the 1920s, closed in 1948. The company was well-known for its vases, jardinieres and floral ceramics.

The company's catalogs pictured realistic, life-sized birds, such as a goose, a pelican and a pair of swans, the largest 20 inches high.

Weller also sold a 7-inch squirrel, a 15-inch crow and a 13-inch-long rabbit. They were all molded and colored to appear real when placed in the garden.

Other figures included smaller turtles, ducks, cats, dogs, owls and chickens.

There also was a group of fantasy figures that now sell for thousands of dollars each: a 16 1/2 -inch-high Pan with a fife; a 14-inch-high seated elf; an 18-inch-high elf on a rock; and two small elves on toadstools that are part of a 17-inch-high group. All of the figures were made to look as real as possible.

Several larger-than-life frogs were made. The most impressive is the spotted green frog playing a banjo. It was made in four sizes up to 12 inches high.

Whether you're in Grandma's back yard or at a neighborhood garage sale, look for old ceramic garden figures. Weller placed its name on the bottom of most of its garden wares.

Pub Date: 7/28/96

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