S. Carroll ends Padonia's title streak Meet winning streak is broken, too, at 33

July 25, 1996|By Doug Brown | Doug Brown,SUN STAFF

South Carroll finally brought down the Central Maryland Swim League giant.

Padonia, which had won six straight CMSL Division I championships and 12 in the past 15 years, was beaten yesterday by South Carroll, 265-223, ending a 33-meet winning streak that dated to 1989.

South Carroll, which had a few outstanding swimmers in each age group but limited depth, took a huge lead in the individual events and hung on even though Padonia dominated the relays.

It was the first time in 15 years that a team other than Padonia or Crofton Aquatics had captured the Division I title.

In its 24th season, the CMSL had 42 teams and 4,500 swimmers. About 85 percent of the coaches once competed in the league.

In the Straehle Invitational CMSL individual championships, Lochearn's Justin Yarbrough set 11-12 boys records in the 100-yard individual medley (1: 09.18) and 50 freestyle (26.79). Meadowbrook's Michael Phelps set a record in the 9-10 boys 25 backstroke (16.26).

Team results

Division I -- South Carroll 5-0, Padonia 4-1, Wynnewood 3-2, Shipley's Choice 2-3, Hammond Park 1-4, West Howard 0-5.

Division II -- Worthington Valley 4-1, Springdale 3-2, Five Oaks 3-2, Glen Burnie Park 3-2, Forest Hill 1-4, Meadowbrook 1-4.

Division III -- Westminster Riding Club 5-0, Roland Run 4-1, North St. John's 3-2, Crofton Aquatics 1-4, Rollingwood 1-4, Lochearn 1-4.

Division IV -- Watermont 5-0, Woodbridge Valley 3-2, Severn River 3-2, Freedom 3-2, St. Andrew's 1-4, Waugh Chapel 0-5.

Division V -- Hunting Hills 4-1, Springlake 3-2, Olde Mill 3-2, Andover 2-3, Navy Juniors 2-3, Dulaney 1-4.

Division VI -- Chartridge 5-0, Westminster Swim Team* 3-1, Westview 3-2, Atholton 2-3, Chartwell* 1-3, Bolton Hill 0-5.

Division VII -- Southdown 5-0, Crofton CC 4-1, Country Club Estates of Glen Burnie 3-2, White Marsh/Fullerton* 1-3, Gardenville 1-4, Crofton Village* 0-4.

# *One meet canceled.

Individual results

Individual medley -- 9-10 girls, Danielle Spearman, Worthington Valley; 9-10 boys, Michael Phelps, Meadowbrook; 11-12 girls, Bridget Kimmel, Roland Run; 11-12 boys, Justin Yarbrough, Lochearn; 13-14 girls, Elizabeth Lavell, Navy Juniors; 13-14 boys, Pat Bonds, Hammond Park; 15-18 girls, Brooke Donoho, Dulaney; 15-18 boys, Tommy Hannan, Worthington Valley.

Freestyle -- 8-and-under girls, Kristen Warwick, Wynnewood; 8-and-under boys, Alex Fogg, Navy Juniors; 9-10 girls, Jenel Wright, Lochearn; 9-10 boys, Steven Zonarich, Forest Hill; 11-12 girls, Jennifer Irby, Watermont; 11-12 boys, Yarbrough; 13-14 girls, Lavell; 13-14 boys, Bonds; 15-18 girls, Donoho; 15-18 boys, Hannan.

Backstroke -- 8-and-under girls, Warwick; 8-and-under boys, .

David Collier, Five Oaks; 9-10 girls, Michelle Oswald, Padonia; 9-10 boys, Phelps; 11-12 girls, Irby; 11-12 boys, Jason Kay, South Carroll; 13-14 girls, Kate Walker, West Howard; 13-14 boys, Nick Chester, Dulaney; 15-18 girls, Nikki Sansbury, Wynnewood; 15-18 boys, Sky King, Springdale.

Butterfly -- 8-and-under girls, Anne Roche, Shipley's Choice; 8-and-under boys, Collier; 9-10 girls, Spearman; 9-10 boys, Phelps; 11-12 girls, Irby; 11-12 boys, Yarbrough; 13-14 girls, 13-14 girls, Megan Straehle, South Carroll; 13-14 boys, Bonds; 15-18 girls, Marie Tomarelli, Westminster Swim Team; 15-18 boys, Scott Shimkaveg, Roland Run.

Breaststroke -- 8-and-under girls, Kristen Bolewicki, Springdale; 8-and-under boys, Chad McCarthy, North St. John's; 9-10 girls, Oswald; 9-10 boys, Kurt Wilson, Woodbridge Valley; 11-12 girls, Rebecca Lavell; Navy Juniors; 11-12 boys, Stephen Weber, Rollingwood; 13-14 girls, Sara Keeton, West Howard; 13-14 boys, Justin Freedman, Worthington Valley; 15-18 girls, Donoho; 15-18 boys, Matt Farley, Westminster Swim Team.

Pub Date: 7/25/96

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