Many stars born at first session of Slayton House Camp of the Arts


July 24, 1996|By Kathy Curtis | Kathy Curtis,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

THE FIRST session of the Slayton House Camp of the Arts closed last week with two evening performances. The Wilde Lake Community Association camp, directed by Billy Burke, trains 7- to 15-years-olds in art, dance, music and theater.

Opening the show was "To Be Clueless or Not to Be Clueless," directed by Michelle Fowler and Natalie Johnson. Performing were Sam Goertler, Channing Evans, Jessica Sims, Kate McNamee, Brittany Delmore, Jamille Peyton, Leah Miller, Dan Piper, Alex McGee, Matt Springle, Brad Hamerly, Danny Russell, Chrishelle Gilbert, Hillary Yale, Amanda Greenberg, Lauren Johnson and Sholie Aina.

Also participating were Kerri Nussbaum, Ashleigh Adams, Stephanie Rubin, Nicole Oidick, William McLaughlin, Sebastian Steere, Kenzie Baldwin, Andrew Bove, Andy Dodson, Jennifer Napolitano, Matthew Girdley, Jerry Kubin, Eric Green, Risa Gordon, Toby David, Jenny Cruess and Amy Triplett.

Next was "Clue," directed by Michele Land and Megan Stolba. The cast included Caitlin Holbrook, Emily Roberts, Katie Connelly, Ellie Deacon, Megan Burneko, Sasha Sher, Samantha Katz, Caroline Gill, Lauren Waller, Paige Wilhide, Kelsey Romeo, Elana Dandeneau, Afton Vechery and Sarah Reis.

Lisa Riley and Shoshannah Beck directed "An American Tribute," which featured Jennifer Clary, Mira David, Andrew Lewis-Smith, Madeline Roberts, Daniel Robertson, Megan Shea, Christina Watkins, Diette Yoshioka and Craig Zolotorow.

The program continued with "Koshka's Tales," directed by Jill Woleslagle and Katie Taylor. Performing were Kara Emerson, Morgan Markowski, Louisa Demmitt, Angie Brewster, Sara Eisenberg, Jamie Baldwin, Jonathan Sims, Sara Bove, Nick Legowski, Rachel Wilhide, Brittany Taylor and Jennifer Beckwith.

Also participating were Kate Contel, Rachel Parkinson, Bradley Eisenberg, Jannette Bloom, Alexandra Aber, Nikolas Chaikin, Jennifer Coles, Jay Frisby, Ariana Gordon, Ann Miller, Regina Cheng and Jennifer Brandenburg.

Concluding the show was "Footloose," directed by Heather Davis and Becca Klein. Featured were Megan Turner, Nikki Santos, Sara Emden, Lauren Kovach, Jennifer Schneider, Stefanie Largent, Dina Wiley, Karen Guralnick, Haley Baldwin, Kelly Klein, Jordan Long, Rebecca Switzer, Christina Forbes, Jackie Board, Sandy Perez-Latre and Amber Arshad.

The Conservatory Camp, an advanced section for 11- to 18-year-olds, will have its end-of-camp performance, "the fabulous fable factory," at 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday. Tickets are $5; call Slayton House at 730-3987.

Recycle equipment

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You may drop off the equipment at the store or donate it directly and take the receipt to the store. The Salvation Army also will pick up donations. You may call them at 525-0530.

Donations are going well.

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Pub Date: 7/24/96

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