O's created upscale crowdLet me see if I've got this...


July 21, 1996

O's created upscale crowd

Let me see if I've got this straight. You guys up in the sky box would prefer that the wine-and-cheese, stock-portfolio crowd sell their tickets to "true" Orioles fans and not those loud and vocal Yankees brood. Harrrummphh!

Don't you see? You, the Orioles, created this very group that you are now scolding! These fine folks don't have time to be seen for too long at Camden Yards -- especially when the local lads are struggling so. But these are the same folks who have turned up in record numbers at the ballpark despite a mediocre team and a price hike with a baseball strike. You little devils! You knew they would pay anyway, didn't you?

Do you think the old generation of baseball fans in Baltimore would have given a Yankees fan the time of day, much less prime tickets to a ballgame? Is there no limit to your arrogance? You created the crowd. You created the ambience. Now live with it, hon!

Gary A. Rostkowski


Tricks by 1890s Orioles

I enjoyed reading the articles about the Orioles of Ned Hanlon's days of the 1890s. One of his most famous tricks that you forgot to mention was how he iced the baseballs to be used when the opposing team was batting. That really cut down the visiting team's ability to score runs.

Richard N. Elliott


Johnson vs. Ripken?

For some time now, it has appeared that Orioles manager Davey Johnson has had some hostility for Cal Ripken. Johnson has been looking for an opportunity to ease his frustration over the team's failure to catch the Yankees.

It certainly is not Ripken's responsibility to be the team leader. He is doing everything that can be expected of him. To shift him to third base is uncalled for and only makes Johnson look like an antagonist who just wants to show the team who is boss.

Walter Boyd

Lutherville I read Ken Rosenthal's June 30 column about how Cal Ripken needs to lead by being more than an example, and developed a first-class case of mind-boggling amazement.

It is apparent to anyone with common sense that anyone making the millions professional athletes are making would not be bothered by Ripken chiding them for lack of hustle. They will get paid anyway.

C. R. Ward

New Windsor

Get fans involved

Orioles fans should be able to give feedback while at the game, through suggestion boxes in high-traffic areas throughout Camden Yards. Comment cards could be distributed to fans through mailings with ticket plans, at ticket booths and entrances, and at seats during the seventh-inning stretch.

The boxes, easily identifiable as the Oriole Bird with mouth wide-open, would provide a fun opportunity for the fans to feel involved. Incentive for participation could be random drawings from boxes between innings of each game for prizes.

Robert, Barbara and Karen Makin

White Marsh

Flanagan falls short

In response to the June 30 letter referring to the poor commentary on O's TV, Mike Flanagan as a pitcher was one of Baltimore's all-time best. As a commentator he is one of our all-time worst, along with his mentor, Jim Palmer. Flanagan is monotonous and monotone. Palmer is an egomaniac.

I demand to know what happened to John Lowenstein. Replacing Lowenstein with Flanagan is like replacing Cal Ripken with Manny Alexander.

Thomas M. Jones


O's radio beats O's TV

I agree with the June 30 letter about dumping Mike Flanagan and Jim Palmer -- and add Mel Proctor. John Lowenstein wasn't so good, either.

It is too bad that TV doesn't have the gang from WBAL radio -- Chuck Thompson, Fred Manfra and Jon Miller.

Bill Wernecke


Dream Team deprives kids

I'm very disappointed over this whole "Dream Team" concept. Why do we want to take the dream away from the young kids, and send these professionals to the Olympics to beat up on all the other teams?

We'll never experience the elation with a basketball medal that we felt with the "Miracle on Ice" when our young hockey team played its heart out, against all odds, to win a gold medal.

Let's give the dream back to young basketball players who don't get paid to win games. I, for one, will give a big yawn when our "Dream Team III" wins the gold.

Joyce Rebar


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Pub Date: 7/21/96

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