Developers, not taxpayers, run this countyWhile the...


July 21, 1996

Developers, not taxpayers, run this county

While the Carroll County commissioners are trying to decide who is upstaging whom (Commissioner Richard Yates, remember to get on the stage), and while planning commission Chairman David Duree is in the throes of an moral and ethical nightmare, the development community is silent as any proper winner would be. I am pleased that they don't gloat over us.

This government is run for developers. Don't the citizens and taxpayers of this county get it? We, the citiizens and taxpayers, have our job: Pay the bills and shut up. To our faces they will say whatever we want to hear; behind our backs they will do whatever the developers need.

The bottom line is development is up and will stay up. Don't think going to meetings and pleading to the commissioners will help. We are out of the loop.

Michael Willinger


Support for Brethren church volunteerism

As members of the Church of the Brethren, we want to thank Ernest Imhoff for his article in the June 7 Sun on volunteering and New Windsor.

Although the Brethren Church is small in comparison with other denominations, the size of its determination in following the Biblical teaching of servanthood is beyond measure. In today's society, there needs to be more stories on the good works that are being performed by caring individuals. The Brethren seek not the praise of doing for others but the knowing that they are practicing their belief.

Barbara Waybright


The writer is a member of the Woodberry Church of the Brethren.

Pub Date: 7/21/96

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