100 years agoThe Anne Arundel Public School Teachers...


July 21, 1996|By Robert M. Pennington from the files of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 years ago

The Anne Arundel Public School Teachers' Association met in quarterly session at Annapolis, W. H. Perrell presiding. At the conclusion of exercises, teachers were paid their quarterly salary. -- The Sun, July 1, 1896.

Rev. Mr. Turner, rector of St. Margaret's Protestant Episcopal Church, North Severn, is attending the Confederate reunion in Richmond. Mr. Turner, at the age of 15, entered a Virginia regiment. -- The Sun, July 1, 1896.

Commander Turner, of the oyster navy, was in Annapolis signing checks for the payment of monthly salaries for the members of the fishery force. -- The Sun, July 3, 1896.

Chesapeake Tribe, No. 32, Improved Order of Red Men, elected their chiefs: Prophet, W. W. Morris; sachem, Isaac H. Brewer; senior sagamore, Alfred L. Baker. -- The Sun, July 4, 1896.

A new cemetery company has been incorporated in Annapolis by David V. Miller, Dr. J. M. Worthington, E. C. Gantt, E. Lacy Chion and J. Randall Magruder. The cemetery will be located across the head of College Creek. -- The Sun, July 13, 1896.

The Annapolis City Council has fixed the annual tax rate at 80 cents on the hundred dollars. Seventy-five will go for current expenses and five for a sinking fund to redeem city bonds. -- The Sun, July 19, 1896.

The Anne Arundel school board authorized Thomas J. Baldwin to erect for $600 a new school house near Marley and to remove the school taught by R. F. Dodson to Crownsville. -- The Sun, July 22, 1896.

On July 29, the Annapolis Agricultural and Driving Association will open its race track at Camp Parole. There will be eight events including trotting, running, bicycle races and a live-pigeon shooting. -- The Sun, July 24, 1896.

A white camp-meeting under the auspices of the Methodist churches at Hope Chapel, Memorial, Davidsonville, Taylorsville and Mount Tabor, comprising the South River Circuit is being held at South River. -- The Sun, July 27, 1896.

Pub Date: 7/21/96

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