Appointment shows value of conventionGov. Parris N...


July 21, 1996

Appointment shows value of convention

Gov. Parris N. Glendening's recent appointment of Paul Rudolph of Severna Park to fill the District 33 seat on the Anne Arundel County school board is most welcome in these challenging times when county officials are searching for the proper balance between meeting school needs and facing budget realities.

More than ever, Anne Arundel County needs a unified school board that can establish, articulate and execute public education policy in this difficult environment. I see Mr. Rudolph's appointment as a valuable contribution to that effort.

Mr. Rudolph was one of three able candidates who was evaluated by delegates from 76 non-profit organizations in Anne Arundel County during the annual School Board Nominating Convention this past May. It is noteworthy that he won the support not only of the convention, but also of County Executive John Gary and the governor. With such wide acclaim as the most qualified candidate, Mr. Rudolph is well positioned to join the dedicated volunteers already serving on the board.

The challenge to our school system will not end this year. Our county needs to continue to improve its process of public debate on emerging issues and the screening by delegates of qualified candidates. This process worked well and produced sound results this year. I hope that more of our best citizens will be encouraged to come forward as school board candidates and convention delegates in the future.

Rev. David G. Berg


The writer is chairman of the Anne Arundel County school board nominating convention committee.

BSO in Anne Arundel was a rare treat

We were pleased to see your July 3 editorial, "A community celebration," noting the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's rare appearance in Anne Arundel County.

As Severna Park residents and Baltimore Symphony subscribers, we want to thank everyone involved who provided that great start to our Independence Day festivities. Now that the holiday is over, we can say that nothing surpassed that initial kickoff.

Among those who deserve thanks from all 4,000 who attended are: the Cultural Arts Foundation of Anne Arundel County, Bell Atlantic, Northrop Grumman, Anne Arundel Community College and Anne Arundel County Executive John Gary.

Anne Arundel countians are fortunate to have Meyerhoff Hall so close, a fact that contributes to our representing the fourth-largest group of BSO subscribers and the third-largest group of single-ticket purchasers. We also learned from BSO's Diana Schramm that our students are well-represented in the symphony's Side by Side program for talented youngsters.

While the BSO is Maryland's greatest cultural treasure, we are doubly blessed to have an amazing array of talent in Annapolis. Few cities its size can boast of a ballet company, a choral arts group and a fine symphony orchestra, as well as the Crabtowne Big Band and gifted pianist Stef Scaggiari.

Let us hope that Mr. Gary will be able to keep his promise and bring us such magnificent music on all our future Fourths.

Mary and Bud Johnson

Severna Park

Save money: Football at Camden Yards?

I know this sounds stupid, but why can't they play football in Camden Yards? We could save a lot of money.

John Trimmer


Support for Alderman Snowden

The Sun published an article June 16 contrasting the governments in Anne Arundel County and the city of Annapolis.

As a former mayor of Annapolis, I want to add something that was left out of your analysis: the tremendous contribution that Alderman Carl C. Snowden has made to Annapolis.

Mr. Snowden, who is in his third term on the City Council, chairs its two most important standing committees: finance and economic matters. He has led the battle in reducing property taxes on city residents for three consecutive years.

He has demonstrated fiscal responsibility coupled with a social conscience. It would be erroneous for your readers to conclude that he has not been an effective legislator. In fact he is one of the brightest and more articulate members to serve on the City Council.

Mr. Snowden's integrity and intelligence has made him a leader in our city. I believe that he is mayoral timber and will be an effective chief executive officer. His maturity over the last

decade has been remarkable. I applaud his legislative skills and has ability to form coalitions with citizens. He has my backing.

Roger W. Moyer Sr.


Cardin's 'help' will hurt small business

I recently read a letter in my homeowners' association newsletter about Rep. Ben Cardin's pro-small business plan. It seems Mr. Cardin has proposed a broad new bill of increased regulations designed to give the appearance of help for small business.

The kind of help that has come from Mr. Cardin and the Capitol Hill crowd in the past for small business is the kind of help I think we all would be better off without.

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