School board honors 49 who are retiring

July 15, 1996

The Carroll County Board of Education honored 49 school employees at its meeting Wednesday who are retiring this year.

The employee retiring with the longest tenure this year is Jean E. Bowers, a teacher at Charles Carroll Elementary School, with 35.5 years.

This year's retirees include Nancy and Kenneth Parker, who have taught for 29 years at South Carroll High School. Nancy Parker was chosen last fall as teacher of the year by her fellow English teachers around the state. Kenneth Parker was a longtime football coach.

Most of the retirements are effective July 1, although the annual recognitions includes one from last September, and a few that will take effect this September.

The other retirees are:

Annabell M. Baer, clerk, accounting/finance department, 23 years; Sandra K. Baginski, teacher, West Middle School, 18; Jeffrey L. Baile, computer lab resource teacher, 26; Edna M. Buffington, custodian, Westminster High, 20; Trudy B. Czapski, teacher, North Carroll Middle, 17; Dolores A. Davis, teacher, Sandymount Elementary, 30.

Joyce L. Davis, media clerk, West Middle, 19; Dorothy R. Dixon, teacher, Mount Airy Middle, 13; Brenda J. Foglesong, instructional assistant, Runnymede Elementary, 19; G. Jean Foster, clerk, North Carroll Middle, 19; I. Pauline Garner, custodian, Robert Moton Elementary; 19 1/2 ; Victor D. Grayson, teacher, New Windsor Middle, 32; George C. Groft, painter/maintenance, eight.

Peggy L. Hahn, teacher, Taneytown Elementary, 25; Ruth L. Hardesty, cafeteria worker, North Carroll Middle, 20 1/2 ; Joan E. Harrington, teacher, Westminster High, 16; Hilda M. Haugh, cafeteria worker, Winfield Elementary, 21; Carroll L. Hess, general maintenance, Francis Scott Key High, 15.

Ralph E. Horton, general maintenance, 10; John A. Huber III, teacher, Career and Technology Center, eight; Linda L. Humbert, director's secretary, Pupil Services, 33; Nancy J. Kesselring, custodian, East Middle, 14; Verner H. King Jr., computer repair/maintenance, 9 1/2 ; Margaret E. Lockard, bus zTC driver, 10; Philip M. Martin, assistant in transportation, 27; William J. McKenna, teacher, East Middle, 30; Patricia Morrison-Booth, teacher, Francis Scott Key High, 30.

Catharine B. Myers, cafeteria worker, Westminster Elementary, 20; Patricia A. Otto, LPN, Northwest Middle, 10; Peggy A. Pearce, teacher, North Carroll High, 12; Patricia W. Poprycz, teacher, Sandymount Elementary, 15; David K. Potts, teacher, West Middle, 32; Geraldine B. Reck, teacher, Mechanicsville Elementary, 26; Evelyn A. Robinette, assistant, Sandymount Elementary, 19; William L. Robinette, assistant, Westminster High, 10; Ruth G. Schneehagen, teacher, Freedom Elementary, 26; Andrea B. Sherwood, teacher, Sykesville Middle, 24.

Anna L. True, media clerk, South Carroll High, 26 1/2 ; Shirley H. Tucker, licensed practical nurse, Taneytown Elementary, 26; Jeanne A. Undy, teacher, Sykesville Middle, 16; J. Claire Webster, instructional assistant, Robert Moton Elementary, 20 1/2 ; Marjorie A. Wetzel, teacher, Mount Airy Middle, 20; Carol A. Wright, clerk, Adult, Community Family Education program, 27 1/2 ; Betty L. Young, media specialist, Westminster High, 20; James W. Zollickoffer, custodian, Carrolltowne Elementary, 11; Connie D. Zumbrum, teacher, Sandymount Elementary, 32.

Pub Date: 7/15/96

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