25 years ago Area youths may be in for a "bad, bad trip...


July 14, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County's library.

25 years ago Area youths may be in for a "bad, bad trip" if they take certain drugs that may be circulating in the county disguised as LSD, a spokesman for the State Drug Abuse Administration said. Similar to "sunshine pills" that put 10 Ocean City vacationers into an Eastern Shore hospital last weekend with "severe psychotic reactions," the pills are described as either a white capsule or an orange, barrel-shaped tablet. -- Democratic Advocate, July 5, 1971.

50 years ago This year, as in the past, the rural people of the county can expect quite an infestation of Japanese beetles. Experimental evidence now indicates that a very outstanding job has been done in Carroll during the last five years. The methods of control have included numerous traps that have been placed each year throughout the entire county. -- Democratic Advocate, July 5, 1946.

100 years ago The barn on the farm belonging to the heirs of the late Robert D. Gorsuch, about two miles southwest of Warfieldsburg, was destroyed by fire, caused by lightning, about 10 o'clock Wednesday night. The barn was filled with wheat, hay and a small quantity of rye, all of which were totally consumed, and also a wagon, carriage, binder, rake, harness, etc. The wheat was the property of the Gorsuch heirs and Oliver Hull, their tenant last year. The last load was hauled in, it is said, on VTC Wednesday. The hay, rye, farming implements and harness belonged to John B. Baker, the present tenant, and were not insured. Much sympathy is felt for him in the neighborhopd and is being manifested in a movement to assist him in replacing some of the property destroyed. The binder burned was almost new. The barn, which was one of the largest in that section of the county, was insured in the Continental Company of New York, Messrs. Wilson & Goodwin, agents, for $1,100. -- American Sentinel, July 18, 1896.

Pub date: 7/14/96

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