Infant girl dies in father's arms as he jumps from N.Y. rooftop


NEW YORK -- Daphney Nerette lay down to sleep on Friday night, her infant daughter at her side and her fiance, Marcus Calcador, reading religious literature in another room.

Suddenly, she said, Calcador burst in, waving a pair of scissors and saying: "One of you is evil, and one of you all has to go."

What followed was a rampage that ended when Calcador jumped from the roof of their three-story Nostrand Avenue apartment building with their child cradled in his arms, the police said. The baby, 7-month-old Chindawanna, died; Calcador, 23, was hospitalized in critical condition.

A police detective charged Calcador with second-degree murder.

Investigators spent yesterday searching to determine what inspired his actions but found no history of drug abuse or mental illness, said Olga Melendez, a police spokesman. Nor was there any record of criminal activity or domestic violence.

The couple had lived together for three years, in the Crown Heights building where Calcador worked as a superintendent, and he had never before shown signs of violence, she said. He frequently read the Bible and "mystical" religious books, she said.

On Friday evening, after reading a mystical book and a Bible passage about Noah, Calcador began to vomit and froth at the mouth, Ms. Nerette said.

Pub Date: 7/14/96

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